About Eaglestar

Yingxing Furniture was founded in 1996 in Longjiang Town, a major furniture town in China. At the initial stage of its establishment, the company has always adhered to scientific and humanized management, original design, independent research and development, and distinguished enjoyment as the brand core, providing luxury to the world The honest living room culture is the brand goal. After decades of meticulous cultivation, Yingxing Furniture has become one of the well-known domestic brands. Its brands are not only favored by the vast consumer groups in China, but also favored by customers from all over the world. At present, the products have been exported to many countries and regions in Asia, Europe and America.





Living Room

There are refined and simple, casual and ingenious, the perfect combination of sensibility and rationality, leisure and practicality are highly consistent, what we want to tell you is: make ordinary life colorful.



Bedroom Series

Praise every possibility of living, dare tochase, or run or dormant, and every step that will stay on the living field will become.



Restaurant Series

Perfect combination of innovative techniques and creative design.



Unique Ingenuity

The craftsmen will carefully plan and design the unique quilting process, paint baking process, wire drawing process, changes in light and shadow, volume, depth and material, so every piece of work has a novel and originality.